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Aging Gracefully: The Role of Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care for Senior Dogs - A Personal Journey with Lola and Olive.

Updated: Jun 14

A Dog Getting Acupuncture.
Our Olive during acupuncture treatment.

As our furry companions grow older, they may experience aches, pains, and mobility issues, much like humans do. Just as we seek out physical therapy and chiropractic care to maintain our well-being, our canine friends can benefit from these services too. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of physical therapy and chiropractic care for aging dogs and how these modalities can help improve their quality of life, drawing from our personal experience with our rescue 14-year-old dogs, Lola and Olive. 

Understanding Aging in Dogs:

Just like humans, dogs experience age-related changes in their bodies as they grow older. Common issues in senior dogs include arthritis, muscle stiffness, decreased mobility, and joint pain. These conditions can significantly impact their ability to move comfortably and enjoy daily activities.  

The Role of Physical Therapy:

Our journey with Lola and Olive, our cherished pups, led us to Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of Homer Glen, where we discovered the transformative power of physical therapy for senior dogs. Lola, with her severe arthritis, and Olive, with her hind leg weakness, both benefited immensely from the comprehensive approach offered by their team. 

Their treatment plan incorporated various modalities, including shock wave therapy, massage, acupuncture, and the water treadmill. Shock wave therapy proved particularly beneficial for managing both girls' issues, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing in their joints. Combined with therapeutic massage, it helped alleviate tension and improve circulation, enhancing their mobility and overall comfort.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care:

In addition to physical therapy, we sought care from Dr. Cat Reczek, the pet chiropractor at Vitality Chiropractic Center. Through gentle adjustments, they addressed misalignments in Lola and Olive's spines, improving nerve function and restoring proper mobility. These adjustments complemented the other therapies they were receiving, helping to optimize the effectiveness of their treatment plan.  

Did You Know?

It's not just dogs that can benefit from chiropractic care! A variety of animals, from little birds to hamsters to horses, can benefit from the expertise of a pet chiropractor. Just like humans and dogs, these animals can experience misalignments in their spines that can affect their overall health and well-being. 

Tailoring Treatment Plans:

Each senior dog is unique, and their treatment plans should be tailored to their individual needs. Our experience with Lola and Olive taught us the importance of a personalized approach, where therapy sessions were adjusted based on their progress and response to treatment. 

Enhancing Quality of Life:

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of their therapists and chiropractor, Lola and Olive experienced significant improvements in their quality of life. They move more comfortably, experienced less pain, and regained a sense of vitality in their golden years.

Incorporating Home Care:

Beyond professional treatments, we played a crucial role in supporting Lola and Olive's well-being at home. In addition to gentle walks and stretching exercises, we provided comfortable bedding and added healthy supplements to their diet. These supplements included high-quality Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil), organic turmeric, green lip mussels for joint health, and Freeze-Dried Organic Chicken Feet from our small business, Organic Dog. Glucosamine and chondroitin are commonly recommended for joint health in aging dogs, and these natural supplements provide essential support for Lola and Olive's joint health and overall well-being between therapy sessions.

As our canine companions age, they may require extra support to stay happy and healthy. Our journey with Lola and Olive exemplifies the transformative power of physical therapy and chiropractic care for silver-faced dogs. By incorporating these holistic modalities into their care routine, pet owners can ensure their furry friends enjoy their golden years to the fullest. And remember, it's not just dogs – a variety of animals can benefit from the expertise of a pet chiropractor!


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